Curve 2000 has been providing premium quality furniture, interiors and ornaments here in the Algarve since 2004.

We pride ourselves on our quality, commitment and dedication to our client’s cabinetry needs.

Designer Alan St. Clair who has over 25 years experience in this field, (and before that was a highly skilled guitar maker in London’s music centre), handles each project personally.

We provide extensive research material, and 3d drawings, rendered to a photo-realism level, so that the client can fully approve the finished look of the work.

Our local workshops then produce the final designs, and our own team fits the cabinetry.

We cater for all ranges of furniture, from cinemas, to bars, to kitchens.

We produce custom sized tables, free standing cabinetry, fitted bedroom wardrobes, and also offer a new range of sculpted ornaments and furniture from our sister company, PROD.